Kirby's Story



When I received the phone call about fostering Kirby, he was living in a home with another dog that did not like him.  Kirby was having to defend himself from this other dog, a very stressful situation for him.  Even in the environment he was living in, Kirby was never aggressive and he maintained his sweet disposition.


I picked Kirby up the very same day I received the phone call and was instantly smitten.  Kirby got along well with my wheaten Finley and they loved to wrestle and play.  During the time that I was fostering Kirby, my parents, Sheila & Larry, spent a great deal of time with him and he started to work his way into their hearts too.  I found a wonderful family in North Carolina that was to be Kirby's new home. 


The family adopted Kirby in late October, but the youngest daughter in the family developed severe allergies to Kirby.  Two weeks after he was adopted, the family tearfully returned Kirby to me. Kirby's story has a very happy ending though.  When we found out that Kirby couldn't stay in North Carolina, there was no question where his forever home was meant to be....with my parents!  Kirby is now living with Sheila & Larry in his forever home.  He has taken a basic obedience class, and is enjoying life.  He loves going for car rides and watching tv (especially any show that has animals in it).  And he loves getting to play with Finley whenever we come to visit.  Kirby couldn't have ended up in a better home!