Gwen was contacted by a vet's office in NC on Tuesday, July 15th, with the story of an 11 month old Wheaten boy who had been left tied outside their office the past Sunday.  They told her that they were trying to contact the owner, but if they didn't, could WIN help them place the dog.


Local volunteers, Susan and Marc, were contacted, and they of course offered to foster the dog if the owner did not claim him.  The owner had 5 days.  It was a long week for Susan and Marc as they waited to hear the fate of this poor soul who, as the days passed, clearly was unwanted.


By Friday evening, Susan could hardly stand it but waited patiently for the call from the vet's office.  At 6:10 PM, Susan and Marc were told that they could pick up "Wil Wheaton", as he had been named, in the morning.


With the groomer standing by, they arrived at the vet's office and were greeted with a giant hug and tons of kisses from a smiling, soft, wiggly, hairy, stinky mess of a Wheaten.  It was love at first sight!  They were pretty sure from that moment that "Wil Wheaton" had found his forever home.


However, there was another Wheaten, WIN girl Abbie, and two cats back at home who had a say in the matter as well.  After lots of patience, potty training reinforcement, some basic manners, and a good session with a trainer, Gus proved that he was well on his way to being welcomed by all.  Gus was a foster failure; his foster family couldn't bear to part with him!!


Gus is living happily with his new family - they can't imagine how they ever lived without him!