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Friends of WIN 2007 Donations


• Pat Simrell - In Loving Memory of Sparky - her heartdog and WIN boy

• Employees of Prime Resins, Inc/Barton Southern Co, Inc—Donation to honor Mr. David L. Barton

• David and Lauren Allen---In Memory of our friends’ (The Donahue Family) Wheaten Terrier, Rye.

• Pamela Elzarian—Adoption of Molly McGee

• Aurora Sweet—Adoption of Sullivan Sweet

• Ken & Karen Wood—In Memory of Lance Engeldt

• Ken & Karen Wood—In Memory of Jennie Ramdin’s Boo Boo

• Maureen Brinkers—January donation from Molly

• Edward & Becky Correll—Donation in Honor of David Barton

• Michael Smith---In Honor of “little shelter guy”-Happy

• Morgan Ward—Adoption of Happy

• James & Sharon Collins—Christmas Gift for Stacy & Erin Stalnbrook

• Maureen Brinkers—February donation from Molly

• Kristine Zornig—Adoption of Casey

• Eugene & Charlotte Jurasinski—Friend of Wheatens

• Key Foundation – Steve Hinkle’s employer

• Kelley Gannon—Adoption of Lucy

• Steven & Kim Kempton—Adoption of Tulsa/Remy

• Tutu & Stephen Wise—Adoption of Sadie

• Maureen Brinkers—March Donation from Molly

• Ray & Karen White—In Memory of foster guy, Brody

• Toma and Carmen Ovici—In Honor of Kent & Alma Kroll’s Marriage

• Kathy Thomas—March Donation to Wheatens

• Scott & Margee Zimpher—Adoption of Kale

• Elaine Scheid—Friend of Wheatens

• Leslie Dolivo—Adoption of Zoee

• Lynn Ellen Pierce—Jake & Glory sends kisses and wishes for WIN puppies

• Jean & Doug Kuhn—Danny Boy sends help for the WIN puppies

• Eugene & Charlotte Jurasinski—Friend of Wheatens

• Michael Smith—Friend of Wheatens

• Michael Curci—Adoption of Beau

• Peter & Janet Gilmartin—In Honor of Beau

• Eileen Tkacik—Adoption of Sadie

• Andrew Hersh—In Honor of Sadie

• Christopher Bright—Adoption of Gracie

• Linda Piper—Adoption of Little Dark Girl

• Sue Pollard—Adoption of Big Dark Girl

• V.M. Shoen—Adoption of Max

• Joyce Schwartz—Adoption of Scruffy

• Leslie Barnes—A little extra for the puppies from Killian

• Mike Jones---For the puppies from Bales and Cooper

• Maureen Brinkers—April Donation from Molly

• Maureen Brinkers—May Donation from Molly

• Leslie Klingner—Adoption of Happy

• Steve & Valentina Alberts—Adoption of Penny Lane

• Carol Taylor—Maddie the Norfolk sends help for the puppies

• Millicent Wasell—In Memory of Solo Reichman

• Michael & Carol Tello—Adoption of Small puppy

• Betsy Geertson and Manners N’More Dog Training—Friend of Wheatens

• Mike and Mary Gannon—In Loving Memory of Willoby—Finnegan, Delaney and Lucy miss you!

• Kathy Thomas—April Donation to Wheatens

• Mike Miller and Helping Udders—Friend of Wheatens

• Brianna Weymouth—Adoption of Charlie

• Severa Austin—Adoption of Toby

• John & Keannie Karol—Adoption of Paulie

• Diane Shafer—Adoption of Lily

• Ann Carriel—Adoption of Carlie

• Denise & Doug Spreen—Friends of Wheatens

• Barbara Nederlander—Adoption of Doogan

• Dena Hamilton---Adoption of Lola

• Tina Thomas---Sitting Toby

• Karen Urie—Adoption of Frazier

• Michael O’Connor—Adoption of Kirby

• Earl & Billee Rossum—Adoption of Maggee

• Patricia Bernhard—Adoption of Perri

• Elizabeth Kelly—Adoption of Fluffy

• Maureen Brinkers—June Donation from Molly

• Frank and April Burner—Friend of Riley

• Kieran & Barbara Morris—Adoption of Will

• Susan Christensen—Adoption of Donner

• Alan & Stephanie Dorfman—Adoption of Toby

• William & Wendy Skillman—Adoption of Triscuit

• Patricia Dailey—Adoption of Mike

• Salvatore & Maria Salerno---Adoption of Roxie

• Jeff & Debbie Lundquist---Adoption of Ruffy

• Michael Laubscher & Donna Engeldt—In Memory of Doogan Wood

• Esteve Coll-Larossa & Michelle Bettencourt—Adoption of Lucky

• Bradley & Cecilia Westpfahl—Adoption of Kailey

• Kent & Alma Knoll—For Paddy, Emmie, Laney, Abby, Slinky and In Memory of Maisey

• Maureen Brinkers—July Donation from Molly

• Marilyn Sumner—Friend of Wheatens

• Gilbert & Nancy Sheldon---In Memory of our wonderful Wheaten, Kalmar

• Don & Gwen Arthur—In Memory of our Sweet Girl, Brie 4/11/02-8/21/07

• Christopher & Susan Toher--Adoption of Shayla

• Lyn & Jim Garnsey—We love our WIN Boy, Dodger

• Maureen Brinkers—August Donation from Molly

• Robert & Emer Walsh—Adoption of Max

• Jeff Swickard & Chris Hattasch—Adoption of Emmie

• Lauren Schwanbeck—Adoption of Molly

• Gilbert & Nancy Sheldon---In Honor of Kate

• Teresa Carlo—Friend of Wheatens

• Bob & Terri Smith—Adoption of Teagan


Donations via PayPal


Debra Smith
Katie Kluck
Kirsten Schultz
Beth Wolfgram
Jana Carraway
Pat & Sparky Simrell
Robert Gleadall
Dave Range
Charlotte Gulayete
Janice Simmons in honor of Tory
Sherri Kaplan
Lynden McCormack
Dana Loring


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