Friends of WIN 2006 Donations




John & Millicent Gerdes—Adoption of Sasha
John & Leslie Niemand—In Memory of Kelly and In Honor of Murphy
David & Kathleen Markell—Adoption of Alfie
Amy Kehner & Wayne McDowell—Sponsors of Wine Charms
Derek & Kristine Palumbo—In Honor of Tanner
Gary & Leanne Fisher—Adoption of Tanner
Michael Fisher & Terri Loewenthal—Adoption of Buddy
John Ruetz—Adoption of Potter
Linda Trettel—Adoption of Annie
Barbara Ziegler—Adoption of Brio
Ray & Karen White—In Memory of Maggie and Chelsea—In Honor of Molly & Meghan
Douglas & Jean Kuhn—In Honor of Casey
Kristine Zornig—Casey
Sandra Wilbanks—-Adoption of Baby Mango
Jane Roberts—Adoption of Georgie now Duffy
Crystal McGinnis—Adoption of Clover
Ellen Moriarty & Ricky Polaski-Adoption of Seamus
John & Terri Jordan—Adoption of Baby Puppy
Shanna Freel—Adoption of Baby Quincy
Mitchell & Susan Chaney—Adoption of Baby Zeke
John & Linda Murray—Adoption of Dixie
John & Denise Willard—In Honor of Lucy
Elisabeth Larson—Adoption of Lucy
Marc & Susan Getter — In Celebration of Leko and Abbie
Ronald & Jeanette Horowitz—Friend of Wheatens
John & Jacquelyn Lodmell—Sparky’s Christmas Gift from his Uncle and Aunt
Gene & Judy Smith—Annual Contribution in Honor of Casey & In Memory Ted
Rita Salemo—Adoption of Luke/Louie
Rob Horgan—Holiday Donation
Douglas Hutchinson & Paula Schilling—Friend of Wheatens
Michael & Janie Groff—In Memory of Montana
Maureen Brinkers—December Donation from Molly
Don & Gwen Arthur—-In Memory of Boo and Montana
Tag Spivey - In Honor of Susan Pippin and family for her work with Gabe
Jackie Lafferty—Adoption of Jake
Stu Stephens—Adoption of Max
Ryan Boehner—Adoption of Ludo
Kent & Alma Knoll—-Adoption of Josh
Randall Solesbee & Susan Kirk—Adoption of ZuZu Petals
Emily Brekke—Adoption of Sheena
Steven & Tara Bradbury—Adoption of Hunter
Joe & Vickie Halsey—Adoption of Jack and Jill
Jeff & Debbie Lundquist—Adoption of Buckley
Don & Gwen Arthur—In Memory of Teddy Lipset
Sandra Novack—Adoption of Molly
Kim Latta—Adoption of Emma
Maureen Brinkers—Donation from Molly for July
David Inman—Adoption of Bailey
Stephen & Barbara King—Adoption of Bailee
Linda Brothers—Adoption of Astro
Maureen Brinkers—Donation from Molly for August
Rebecca Reasner—Adoption of Teddy
Maureen Brinkers—Donation from Molly for Sept
Deborah Leas & Bill Richards—In Memory of Ernest Adair, Father of Karen Wood
Walter & Carol Hawkins—Friends of Wheatens
Randy & Sandi Gross—In Memory of Bailey
Louise Gross—In Memory of Teddy Lipset
Louise Gross—In Celebration of Mikey’s Birthday
Louise Gross—In Celebration of Dallas’ Birthday
Christopher Lamb—-In Honor of George
Eadie Barrie—Adoption of Shea
Mario & Mary Canete—Adoption of Reggie
Sarah Lebov—Adoption of George
Maureen Brinkers—Donation from Molly for October
Steven Hinkle—Friend of Wheatens
Pat Simrell & Sparky—Sponsor of Wheaten Wine Labels
Michele Lockwood—Adoption of Henry
Norma Loftus—In Memory of Clancy
Norma Loftus—Thank you from Henry Looey Lockwood
Barbara Zieg—Friend of Wheatens
Shirley Gee—In Celebration of Bella's Birthday
Dean L Rosen—Adoption of Rocky
Maureen Brinkers—In Honor of Molly—May donation
Dora Foschi & David Livesley—Adoption of Standley
Dave & Susan Barton—Adoption of Ralph
Jennie Ramdin—In Memory of Cathy Johnson’s Bailey
Douglas Huber—Adoption of Darcey
Maria Hulbert—Friend of Wheatens
Cynthia Best—Adoption of Brody
Yetiva Allen—Adoption of Kolby
Rob Horgan—-In Memory of Vera Billings
Gwen Arthur—-In Memory of Vera Billings
Caroline Schorr—Adoption of Rory
John & Barbara Begley—Adoption of Hero
David & Chris Johnson—Adoption of Norton
Susan Driscoll—Adoption of Toby
Nhai Cao—Adoption of Emma
Maureen Brinkers—In Honor of Molly-June donation
Mike Miller—From Helping Udders
Gwendolyn Million—Adoption of Maggie
Suzanne Renfrow—Adoption of S’Wheat Tea
Stephen Oleskey & Judith Tick—Adoption of Shamus
Susan Richardson—Adoption of Jamie
John Mendosia & Jeff Myers—Adoption of Graham
Linda Lamont—Adoption of Charlie/Charley
Jennifer Lindaman—Adoption of Shamus
Betsy Geertson—Donation from “award winning basket”
Cynthia Pierce—Friend of Wheatens
Barry & Kathy Kohler— In Appreciation of Mark Ungemach and In Honor of Oliver
Julia Martin Moore —In Honor of Rory
Samuel Lamonto & Diana Karlinsey— In Honor of the retirement of Kathy Thomas
Leslie Sanford— Friend of Wheatens
Amanda Horak — Adoption of Macy
Michael & Tricia Toro— Adoption of Baxter
Sean & Ashley Tanner — Adoption of Calvin
Brenda Bane — Adoption of Toby
Michael & Trudy Brown — Adoption of Rocky
Kevin & Carol Holland— Adoption of Charlie
Michael & Lisa Tierney — Adoption of Oliver
Brian Tully — Adoption of LoFay
Tom Yerby — Adoption of Bogie
Marueen Brinkers — March Donation In Gratitude for Molly
Donna Miracle — In Honor of Cassie’s 5th Birthday (formerly WIN girl Chloe)
Duke & Cathy Johnson — In Honor of Noelle, Bailey and Rowdy
Robert Burns — Adoption of Millie
Terri Shimmel — Adoption of Ellie
Bill & Victoria White — Adoption of Trixie
Duke & Cathy Johnson — Adoption of Noelle
Nancy Martin — In Memory of Duffy Kuras
John & Barbara Toole — Adoption of Gus
Maureen Brinkers — January Donation
Kelly Sinnott — Adoption of Wheatley/Murphy
Jean Kuhn — In Honor of Pam Allen and Declan’s WURL People
Tricia Krupnik — Friend of Wheatens
Jeffery Macauley — Adoption of Max
Andrew Albate & Stephanie Wyss Friends of Max
Lance & Mary Ann Slippen — Adoption of Gabe
Mark Ungemach — Friend of Wheatens
Jeffrey & Janet Bernard — Adoption of Lulu
John & Vicky Carney — Adoption of Buddy
Jane Miller & Arnold Horovitz — Adoption of Max
Pam Allen — Adoption of Declan
Lisa Wittner — In Memory of Viola Roth's Cricket

Donations via PayPal

Norma Loftus
Todd Neison
David Branick
Robert Gleadall
Brian Brasch
Scott and Hilda Gershon
Connie Lipset
Liz Morrison and Charlotte Gulayeto in memory of Digby, beloved companion of Norah and Brian McCann
Amy Kehner in memory of Oskar Kehner
Jennie Ramdin in memory of Rowdy
Tag Spivey in honor of Susan Pippen and family on behalf of Gabe
Mary Hagee
Elena Zweifach
Christy Weagant
Amy Kehner in memory of Reilly Craig
Robert Paul
Julia Rosenblum