Friends of WIN 2005 Donations



Shawn Phelan —Adoption of Cooper
Maureen Brinkers —December Donation
Maureen Brinkers —November Donation
Michael Smith —Adoptions of Annie and Rosco
John & Jacquelyn Lodmell —Merry Christmas to Sparky
Pat Simrell —In Memory of Holly’s Reilly & Viola’s Cricket
Thomas & Megan Kavanaugh —Adoption of Bailey
Ray & Karen White —Adoption of Meghan
Marie Flanagan —Holiday Donation
Don & Gwen Arthur —In Memory of Joyce Rienzo’s Polly and other pets
Donna Lea Andrews-Bell —Adoption of Jynx
Sean & Sandra Buckley —Adoption of Bo
Rob Horgan —Holiday Donation from Siobban and Rory
Fred & Madeline Thompson —In Memory of Betsy Geertson’s Mom Elsie
Raymond & Carolyn Strecker —Holiday Donation
Don & Gwen Arthur —In Memory of Holly’s Reilly
Gail Schuljan —In Memory of John & Joyce Rienzo’s Wheaten Polly and Boston Terrier Angus
Denise Flannery —In Honor of Max
Michael and Jane Groff —Friend of Wheatens
Mark Ungemach —Friend of Wheatens
Ross and Linda Morgan —In Memory of Reilly and Seamus
Michael Jones —In Honor of Bales and Coop
Ray & Karen White —In Memory of Maggie and Chelsea/In Honor of Molly and Meghan
Bill & Kris Jackson —In Memory of Phoebe
Susan Henry —Friend of Wheatens
Cynthia Bauer —Friend of Wheatens
Sybil Swanson —In Honor of Melanie Swanson
Eugene Smith —Annual Contribution In Honor of Casey and In Memory of Ted
AAmy Kehner —In Memory of Reilly Craig
Robert Paul —Friend of Wheatens
Amy Kehner —In Memory of Oskar Kehner
Julia Rosenbloom —Friend of Wheatens
Marc & Susan Getter —In celebration of Leko's 13th birthday
Pat Simrell —In celebration of Sparky's 7th "Gotcha" day!
Jane Malone —Friend of Wheatens
Louise Gross — In Honor of Dallas’s Birthday
Louise Gross — In Honor of Mikey’s Birthday
The Wilkes Family — Adoption of Charity
Haluosen Family — Friend of Wheatens
Mark Ungemach — Friend of Wheatens
Elena Zweifach — In Honor of Gabe
Joseph McDuffie, Jr. —Friend of Wheatens
Susan Henry —Friend of Wheatens
Sally Reusser —Friend of Wheatens
Linda Wolter —Friend of Wheatens
Wendy Neill —Friend of Wheatens
Norma Loftus —Friend of Wheatens
Mark Ungemach —Friend of Wheatens
Norma Loftus —In Memory of Clancy
Maureen Rojas — Adoption of Archey
The Galate Family — Adopted Zoey -WIN presented to family (parents Marines in Iraq)
Walt and Jacky Conrad — Hope for Charity
Sandra Wesch — Adopted Murphy
Barbara Maloney — For Kayliegh
Kellie & Scott Foster — Adoption of Jigger
Jamie Sheehan — Adoption of Maxwell
Richard & Kathleen Rowell — Adoption of Molly
Maureen Ryan — Adoption of Chauney
Lesley Geary — Adoption of Jordie
Maureen Brinkers — October Donation from Molly
Kirby Kim — Donation for Charity
James & Gail Kelleher — Adoption of Cody
Michel Rosenthal — Adoption of Mochi Cakes
Tim & Rachel Wright — Adoption of Mack
Matching Donation from Steven Hinkle’s employer Key Foundation —
Don & Gwen Arthur — In Memory of Bailey Marzo
Dean Holmes — Adoption of Conor
Jennifer Joffe — Adoption of Duke
Julie King — Adoption of Mocha
Kevin Maloney — Adoption of Diva
Barbara Delozoer — Hope for Charity
Joyce Lovett — Hope for Charity
Pat Simrell — Hope for Charity
Nils & Paisley Peterson — Hope for Charity
Ann Carey — Hope for Charity
Lori & Farley (from the Bridge) Agnoli — Hope for Charity
Gail Kanas — Hope for Charity
The Kaye’s — Hope for Charity
Sylvia Lewis and Murphy — Hope for Charity & In Celebration of Murphy’s first Birthday
Charles & Julie Grudzinskas — Hope for Charity
Karen White — Hope for Charity & In Memory of Maggie & Chelsea
Connie Lipset —In honor of Meg Lipset's (a Wheaten lover) birthday!
Ann McCormick — Hope for Charity
Roger & Sandy Souchon — Hope for Charity
Ross & Linda Morgan — Hope for Charity
Darlene Leech — Hope for Charity
Peter & Linda Thune — Hope for Charity
Maureen Brinkers & Molly — Hope for Charity
Connie Lipset — Hope for Charity
Rose Mary Mallos — Hope for Charity
Beth Rudy — Hope for Charity
Deborah Van de Ven — Hope for Charity
Deborah Scurr — Hope for Charity
Kate Judge — Hope for Charity
Amy Kehner — Hope for Charity
Linda Haskell — Hope for Charity
Elena Zweifach — Hope for Charity
Kris Jackson — Hope for Charity
Gates Ouimette — Adoption of Bridgette
Kirby Kim — Hope for Charity
Richard Diefenbeck/Christine Davidson — Hope for Charity
Lynn Macey — Hope for Charity
Michael Jones — Hope for Charity
Chris & Tawana Dawson — Adoption of Rascal
Carrie Ficek — Adoption of Mattie Mae
Tom & Betty Prentiss —In Honor of Molly and Oliver
Michael Smith — Hope for Charity
Maureen Brinkers — July Donation in Honor of Molly
Susan & John Esser — Adoption of Tessa
Nancy Bracken-Rudis — Adoption of Murphy
Joanna Reed — Adoption of Willow
Kelly and Dave Beggs — Adoption of Midas
Cynthia Porter — Adoption of Annie
Amanda Turner — Adoption of Colby
Jane Groff — Friend of Wheatens
Timothy Bartley — Adoption of Brody
Chris & Elizabeth Gloe — Adoption of Lola Baby
The Steckly Family — Adoption of Gunther
Nancy Hagner —Adoption of Daisy
The Rozelle Family — Adoption of Tejas
Philip & Cynthia Porter —Adoption of Annie
Deb Patnode —Adoption of Polly
Kathryn Vranek —Adoption of Benji aka Murphy
Martha Baugh —Adoption of Ellie aka Honey
Eric & Kristin Fracassi —Adoption of Holly aka Calie
Walter & Carol Hawkins —In Honor of the Iowa Ten
Maureen Brinkers —In Gratitude for Molly—June donation
Theodore and Shelley Adler —Friend of Wheatens
Darlene Leech —In Honor of the Iowa Ten
Linda Trettel —Adoption of Maggie CoCo
Steven Hinkle —In Honor of the Iowa Ten
Ray & Karen White —Adoption of Molly
Guy Hagner Family —Friends of Wheatens
Jana Carraway —Friend of Wheatens
Toni Vincent —Friend of Wheatens
Chris & Laura Castoro — Adoption of Bea
Jason & Lauren Hedenschoug —Adoption of Charlie
Vera Belling —Friend of Wheatens
Kathy Ostrander-Bowers —Friend of Wheatens
Gail Kanas —Friend of Wheatens
Kelly Sinnott —Friend of Wheatens
Holly Craig — Friend of Wheatens
Roberta Needle — Adoption of Jake/Cosmo
Donna Marie Robinson — Zoey’s Airfare
Connie & Mark Lipset — Zoey’s Airfare
Steve Hinkle and Patty Shlonsky —In memory of Stockton, our first Wheaten (and his namesake, author Hunter Stockton Thompson, recently deceased)
Merrill Marcovsky — In Honor of Clancey’s 10th Birthday & Touey’s 11th Birthday
Charles and Victoria Enigk — Zoey’s Airfare
Maureen Brinkers — In Gratitude for Molly—May Donation
Jennifer Sledge —Adoption of PJ
Kristen Gaska —Adoption of Romeo
Tina Thomas —In Memory of Bridget & Bailey Thomas & In Honor of Chloe & Hudson
Carmen Davis —Adoption of Pete
Ron & Sherry Dick —Adoption of George
Larry and Patricia Pierce —Adoption of Ozzie
Carla Wolff —Adoption of Simon
Maureen Brinkers —April Donation from Molly
Sparky —Gave WIN Grand Marshall donation from Jacky Woody
Dana Miles —Adoption of Piper
Joyce Lovett — To Honor Max & Ceanna
Robert & Pam Dowen — Friend of Wheatens
Ed & Nickie Terry — Adoption of Erin
Laurel Brunke — Friend of Wheatens
Lynn Pierce — To Honor Glory’s 5th Birthday
Mary Brown & Family — Adoption of almost 14 year old McDink
Deborah Leas — In Honor of Hope
Nancy Land — In Honor of Romeo
The Diaz Family — Adoption of Augie
Jerry Hornbeak and Bank of the West’s — In Memory of Marvin Lehtman (Marvin was the proud and loving owner of Marley - WIN found a good home for Marley when Marvin needed our help)
Peter & Krister Crume — Adoption of Chloe
Peter & Krister Crume — Adoption of Hudson
Maureen Brinkers & Molly — Donation for February
Darlene Leech — In Honor of Romeo
Don & Jane Hagner (Guy’s Parents) — In Honor of Romeo
Norma Loftus —Friend of Wheatens
Bill & Kris Jackson — In Honor of Romeo
Michael & Carol DeCastra — Adoption of Sassy
Michael & Mary Lowe — Friend of Wheatens
Rob Adsit & Dan Poole —Adoption of Max
Jennie Ramdin —In Honor of Hope's Adoption and WIN's 500th Rescue
Maureen Brinkers — In Honor of Molly
Bonnie Gould — In Memory of Farley Agnoli
Kelly Sinnot —In Memory of Gracie
Raymond & Elizabeth Nelson —Adoption of Willie
Walt & Jacky Woody —Adoption of Hope!! WIN's 500th RESCUE!
The Feldman’s —Friend of Wheatens
Jessica Kestner —Adoption of Andy
Michael & Diane Cipriano —Adoption of April
Rachel Heimburger & Granny’s Dish Towel —Friend of Wheatens
Nicki & Linda Hybschmann —Adoption of Cassie
Roger & Sandy Souchon — In Honor of Murphy
Michael Jones —In honor of the boys
Linda Haskell —Friend of Wheatens
Lynn Denton —Friend of Wheatens
Ellen Klinzing —Friend of Wheatens
Sylvia Lewis —Friend of Wheatens
Tammy Dickmeyer —Friend of Wheatens
Irene Labombarde —Friend of Wheatens
Lisa Wittner —Friend of Wheatens
Norma Loftus —Friend of Wheatens
Rob Horgan — On Behalf of my Foster Girl "Angel"
Deborah Truscott — Friend of Wheatens
Betsy Geertson — Friend of Wheatens
Manners N'More Dog Training School — Friend of Wheatens
Elena Zweifach — In Honor of Dylan’s 4th Birthday
Sylvia Lewis —In Memory of our Beloved Bridget Rose
Gillean Pearson —Adoption of Angel
Judith Downing —For Samuel and his Friends (puppymill dogs)
Sandi & Randy Gross —In Memory of Bailey, our first Wheaten
Melissa Nelson —In Honor of Molly & Snicker’s 6th Birthdays!!
Lisa Wittner —In Memory of Willie’s best friend Mrs. Barbro Nilson
Joyce Lovett —To Honor Peggy Freedman
Norma Loftus —Friend of Wheatens
Jean Kuhn —Adoption of Danny Boy
Thomas & Lori Wetsch —Adoption of Wrigley
Gene & Judy Smith —Annual Contribution in Honor of Casey and in Memory of Ted
Wheatnic Productions — In Honor of Samuel/Max
Robert & Pam Dowen — Friend of Wheatens
Maureen Brinkers —January Donation
Pat Simrell & Sparky — In memory of Sherman and Gracie