Friends of WIN 2004 Donations


Farley Agnoli, a very special boy
Sherry Altschuler — Adoption of Yogi
Bryan & Emily Kelln — Adoption of Bunky
Maureen Brinkers — In Gratitude for Molly—December Donation
Maureen Brinkers — In Gratitude for Molly—November Donation
Don & Gwen Arthur — In Memory of Lori’s Boy Farley
Jennie Ramdin — In Honor of Andy getting “Sprung”
Norma Loftus — In Honor of Andy
Norma Loftus — In honor of Clancy
Tom & Janie Autry — Adoption of Oatie
Steve Hinkle, Patty Shlonsky & Reilly — 2004 Contribution
Youlia — Donation from Youlia Art Auction
Kenneth & Cindy Oates — In Honor of Gracie
Toni Vincent — Friend of WIN
Victor & Amy Jacobs — In Honor of Andy
Joyce Rienzo — Adoption of Ozzy Don & Gwen Arthur — In Memory of Bette Brindle (Syracuse, NY WIN volunteer)

Pat Simrell & Sparky —Remembering
Duke & Cathy Johnson & the crew — Holiday Donation
Leslie Barnes — Friend of WIN
Norma Loftus —Friend of WIN
Kathy Ostrander — Friend of WIN
Vera Billings — Friend of WIN
Sue Henry — Friend of WIN
Pat Simrell — Friend of WIN
Rob Horgan — Friend of WIN
Barbara Fishell — Adoption of Winston
Eric & Amy Adams — Adoption of Murphy
Mary Swedish — Adoption of Jenny
Maureen Brinkers — In Gratitude for Molly-Oct. Donation
Peter Bouton — Adoption of Dori
The Begg Family — Adoption of Aspen
Bobbie Baird — Friend of Wheatens
Pat Sheehan — Adoption of Mac
Elsie Rittenhouse — In Honor of Rhonde Dalton for Olive
Maureen Brinkers — In Gratitude for Molly-Aug. Donation
Maureen Brinkers — In Gratitude for Molly-Sept. Donation
Norma Loftus — In Memory of Clancy
Mike Jones — Friend of WIN
Iris Selig — Friend of WIN
Carolyn Kimball — Friend of WIN June Donation
Carolyn Kimball — Friend of WIN July Donation
Carolyn Kimball — Friend of WIN August Donation
Carolyn Kimball — Friend of WIN September Donation
Carolyn Kimball — Friend of WIN October Donation
Julia Thompson — Friend of WIN
Leo & Doris Graham — We are so Happy with Henry!!
Walter & Carol Hawkins — In Memory of Tazzie, Lucy & Teddie
Joe Harrison — Adoption of Circe
Pasquale & Irene Bruno — Friends of WIN
Alan & Kristen Johnson — Adoption of Chewie
Dev & Jennie Ramdin — Adoption of BooBoo
Melvin & Diane Braunagel — Helping hand for Boo
Sherrie & Scott Amon — Helping hand for Boo
Christy & Todd Weagant — Helping hand for Boo
Bryan Alexander — Adoption of Bucky
Lavenia La Grone — In Honor of Cailun –adopted from Gwen in 1995
Debra Budet — Adoption of Casey
Maureen Brinkers — In Gratitude for Molly-July Donation
Michael & Barb Manna — Adoption of Zoe
Howard & Maureen Creran — Adoption of Liberty
Melissa Nelson — In Honor of Molly & Snickers
Pat Simrell — Celebrating Sparky’s Six Year Gotcha Day
Duke & Cathy Johnson — In Honor of Bailey & Rowdy
Thomas & Nancy Donnelly — Adoption of Chloe
Mat & Cathy Miller — Adoption of Molly
Eileen Sheppard — Adoption of NJ Max
Mike & Donna Brown — Adoption of Olive
Maureen Brinkers — In Gratitude for Molly—June Donation
Holly Craig & Cuileann Wheatens — Friend of Wheatens
Charlotte Gilbert — Adoption of Clara
George & Pat Reilly — Adoption of Maddy
Kathleen Young — In Honor of Benny
Richard Beatty — Adoption of Benny
Jo Pollard — Adoption of Toby
Dog Star Kennel Club & Gala
Jan Griffith
Bobbie Baird
Kathy Ostrander
Dee Robbins
Melissa Nelson
Toni Fisher
Pat Simrell — In Honor of Jan Caraway’s Phany Litter
Maureen Brinkers — May Donation
Joe & Janet Petros — In Memory of Bailey Stagg & To Honor Murphy Stagg
The Bob Stagg Family — Adoption of Murphy
The Jurusik Family — Adoption of Buster
Earl Bracknell Jr. — Adoption of Pete
Tina Thomas — Adoption of Irish
The Nadel Family — Adoption of Casey
Don & Gwen Arthur — In Memory of Bailey Stagg and In Honor of Murphy
Joan Slaughter — In Memory of Lance & In Honor of my niece Marie and Wheaten, Cleo
Louise Gross, Cheryl Johnstone, Christine DeLaney, Hope Wilson, Richard Braverman, Steve and Melissa Nelson — Florida Petnic
Diane Mauricio — Friend of Wheatens
Darlene Leech — In Honor of the Wheaten L List (who were a source of great support during my loss)
Randy & Sandy Gross — In Memory of Bailey
Maureen Brinkers — In Gratitude for Molly (April)
Denise Flannery — Adoption of Max
Rita P. Coney — Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Kathy Thomas — Adoption of Smoochie
Patricia Graybill — Adoption of Lucky
Beth Keithly — Friend of Wheatens
Timothy & Cheryl Harden — Adoption of Morgan
The Dickmeyer Family — Adoption of Lucy
Mrs. Yvonne Houser (84 years young) — Adoption of 10 year old Hadley
Mary Wilson & Family — Adoption of Texas Max (Gwen's little “weed” work in progress)
Deborah Belvin — For the Well being of Texas Max
Maureen Brinkers — March Donation from Molly
Maria Flanagan — In Honor of Holly
Linda Haskell — Friend of Wheatens
Jennifer Roberts — In Memory of Lucas Roberts
Rob Horgan —In Honor of Siobhan's 4th Birthday
The Hinton Family —Adoption of Coco
The Kvalem Family —Adoption of Bubbles
The Seagraves Family —Adoption of Pretzel
The Guy Hagner Family —Adoption of Molly Lee
Marc, Susan & Leko Getter —Adoption of Absinthe (Abbie)
Dan & Gloria Silverman —Adoption of Sophie
Jennifer Banach —Adoption of Murphy
Elizabeth Grodsky —Adoption of Tucker
The Phelps Family —Adoption of Tory/Sophie