Friends of WIN 2003 Donations



Walter & Mary Quick —Adoption of Dempsey
Michele Mehr —For the wellbeing of Sandy
Michael & Jane Groff —Holiday Donation
Don & Gwen Arthur —Holiday Donation
James & Lois Conway —Holiday Donation
Karen Koch —Adoption of Jingles
Terry & Jan Griffith —Holiday Donation
Darlene Leech —In Memory of Siobhan, Farley & Bonnie
Maureen Brinkers —December Donation
Ross & Linda Morgan —Holiday Donation
Jennifer & Steve Polotko —Adoption of Lucy
Gilbert & Nancy Sheldon —In Memory of Wheaty
Gene & Judy Smith —Annual Contribution in Honor of Casey & in Memory of Ted
Walter & Mary Quick —Adoption of Sandy
Lisa Wittner —Holiday Donation
Rebecca Robbins —In Memory of Clancie (owner) Jean Trieschman
Elliott & Margaret Wislar —For the well-being of Max
Ron Shelby —Friend of Wheatens
Marc & Connie Lipset —Friend of Wheatens
Elena Zweifach —Friend of Wheatens
Grace Kaye —Friend of Wheatens
Susan Barton —In Memory of Murphy & Celebrating Molly & Fergus
Linda Meyers —In Memory of Morgan and Sally
Louise Gross —For the Love of Wheatens
Holly Million —Friend of Wheatens
Sue Henry —Celebrating new little boy Wheaten
Lance & Cynthia Youngblood —Adoption of Buddy
The Tragesser Family —Adoption of Bailey
Julie Ruck —Adoption of Rockford
Joseph & Katherine Ross —For the well-being of Max
Nathalie Gibeau —Donation in Honor of Seamus
Julia Thompson —Donation from Grady & Kiss me Kate
Michael Jones —Friend of Wheatens
Iris Selig —Friend of Wheatens
Gilda Picioccio —Friend of Wheatens
Julia Thompson —In Honor of Grady & Kiss Me Kate
Carolyn Kimball —February Donation
Carolyn Kimball —March Donation
Carolyn Kimball —June Donation
Carolyn Kimball —July Donation
Carolyn Kimball —August Donation
Carolyn Kimball —September Donation
Dr. Todd & Marilyn Swick —Adoption of Daisy
Dr. Todd & Marilyn Swick —Donation in Honor of Daisy's Adoption
Lan Sun —Friend of Wheatens
Suzanne Miller —Adoption of Jingles
Elaine Berish —Adoption of Juliette
Steve Hinkle —In Honor of Malek/Meatball/Methos & Guy Hagnar
WWBand —Tour Donation
Donald & Jane Hagner —Help with Guy Hagner's Rescue Boy Meatball
Carol King —In Honor of Quinn's Birthday
Patrick Loynd —In Loving Memory of my Best Friend-"Kelly"
Alan & Traci McGrath —Adoption of Raeggen
Eddie DeCurtis —Adoption of Buddy
Joan Van Ost —Adoption of Jake
Ken & Ann Burington —Adoption of Methos
Lisa Hayum —For the future of Hampton
Thomas & Sharon Kay —Adoption of Hampton
James & Veda Drummond —Adoption of Bailey
Maureen Brinkers —October Donation from Molly
Maureen Brinkers —November Donation from Molly
Laurie O'Brien —Adoption of Divot
Stuart & Lisa Weikel —Adoption of Cosmo & Mulligan
Tatyana Weber —Donation
Amy Chrisley & Eric Adams —Adoption of Lizzie
Louise Gross —Mikey's 5th Birthday
Louise Gross —Sunny's 1st. Birthday
Jean Kuhn —Clancy Foster Care
Jessie & Sandy Ortiz —Adoption of Maizie
Holly Schuberg —Adoption of Riley
JoAnn Neville —Friend of Wheatens
Manners N'More Dog Training School —Friend of Wheatens
Dick & Barbara Emery —Adoption of Zoe
Maureen Brinkers —July Donation from Molly
Maureen Brinkers —August Donation from Molly
Pat Simrell & Sparky —Sparky Anniversary & CD Celebration
Rachel Cipriano —Donation for Lucky
Stephanie Mastorakis —Friend of Wheatens
Teri Thompson —Donation for Daisy
Patricia Barber —Donation for Sherman
Nancy Sheldon —Friend of Wheatens
Maureen Brinkers —September Donation from Molly
Jennifer Roberts —Donation from Sally
Betty Prentiss —In Memory of Meshach
Bonnie Whitaker —For the future of Sammy
Linda Lenck —Friend of WIN
Jackie Stein —Friend of Wheatens
Blair Rosenfeld —For Roger's Future
Tom & Wendy Kincaid —Adoption of Gracie
Rob Horgan —Donation to Danny Boy
Shirley Gee —Bella's Birthday
Carol Hawkins —Friend of Wheatens
Patricia Brogan —In Honor of Phoebe
Cherie Setteducate —Adoption of Darby
Wright Family —Adoption of Abbey
Paul & Stacey Fish —Adoption of O'Reilly
Maureen Brinkers —June Donaton from Molly
Joyce Schwartz —Adoption of Sammy
Alan & Stephanie Dorfman —Adoption of Teddy
Pat Simrell —For the Happiness of Karen & Jake (the surgery boy)
Cathy & Duke Johnson —For the Happiness of Karen & Jake
Mark & Connie Lipset/Canine Cravats —Friends of Wheatens
Jill Gilmore —To honor Phoebe
Dee Robbins —In Memory of Kandice Sjostrand-the best puppy owner
Mr. Robert Sjostrand —In Memory of my wife Kandice Sjostrand
Louise Gross —In Memory of Coco
Louise Gross —In Honor of Mikey
Tricia Maloney —Wishing Jake a Great life
Maureen Brinkers —January Donation In Gratitude for Molly
Shirley Gee —Happy Hearts Day to all WIN Wheatens
Robert & Phyllis Allen —Wishing Clancy a Great Life
Cathy & Duke Johnson —Friends of Wheatens
Janice Simmons —Adoption of Penelope/Tory
Janice Simmons —Donation of Adoption Expenses
Jennifer Martin —Friend of Wheatens
Steve & Melissa Nelson —In Memory of Buster
Linda Haskell —In Harley Honor
Ellen & Yehuda Haber —Friends of Wheatens
Charles Ciccone —In the name of my sweet "LB"
Cathy & Duke Johnson —For the love of Harley
Maureen Brinkers —February Donation In Gratitude for Molly
Robert & Priscilla Brightman —Adoption of Cody
Dee Dee & Mike Jones —In Honor of Bales & Cooper (Ltd. Edition guys)
Any Kehner —Pulling for Chuck
Delaware Valley SCWTC —Friends of Wheatens
Judy Shortino —Friend of Wheatens
Marion Ovitt —Thank you for Marge Massaro's grooming of Rudy
Leo & Doris Graham —Adoption of Henry
Joe McDuffie, Jr. & Youngsters at "Cabaret" —on behalf of CC Rider
Schwartz Family —Adoption of Daisy
Mark & Sandy Nichols —for Sandy & Daisy
Louise Gross —Diaper Donation
Maureen Brinkers —March Donation in Honor of Molly
Elizabeth La Haye —Adoption of Max
Robert & Ardith Eamer —Adoption of Clancy
Sandy & Roger Souchon —In Honor of Murphy
Rich Diefenbeck —Pulling for Chuck
Randall & Sandy Gross —In Memory of Bailey
Rich Diefenbeck —Adoption of Macaroni
The Ingalls Family —Adoption of Cody
Robert & Susan Kass —Friend of Wheatens
Amy Kehner —Friend of Wheatens
Kirsten Schultz —Friend of Wheatens
Phil & Kirsten Beckler —Friend of Wheatens
Pat Simrell —Donation for Milton Shelter/Danny Boy
Peter Kuhn —Donation for Milton Shelter/Danny Boy
Douglas & Jean Kuhn —Donation for Milton Shelter/Danny Boy
Don & Gwen Arthur —Donation for Milton Shelter/Danny Boy
Jana Carraway, Ali White & Participants of the Pacific NW Grooming Seminar —Friends of WIN
Jana Carraway —For the Happiness of Terry/Jan & Katie Mae
Dee Robbins —For the Happiness of Terry/Jan & Katie Mae
Susan Ostrander & Kathy Bowers —For the Happiness of Terry/Jan & Katie Mae
Bobbi Baird —For the Happiness of Terry/Jan & Katie Mae
Pat Simrell & Sparky —For the Happiness of Terry/Jan & Katie Mae
Pam Allen —Adoption of Seamus
Joan Hodges & Chloe —For the less fortunate Wheatens
Anne Monahan —For advice which allowed us to keep Chumley
Steve & Mary Glover —Adoption of Buddy of TX.
Buddy & Elaine Miller —Adoption of Shiloh
Terry & Jan Griffith —Adoption of KatieMae
Deborah Mitchell D.V.M. —Adoption of Buddy of IL.
Joan Hodges —Friend of Wheatens
Brian & Anne Monahan —Friend of Wheatens
The Sheedy Family —Adoption of Chip
Maureen Brinkers —April donation from Molly
Maureen Brinkers —May donation from Molly
The O'Tool Family —Adoption of Holmes
Paul & Bonnie Lee —Adoption of Ernie
Father Rodney Hudgen —Adoption of McGee


Donations to the Search and Rescue Effort for Guinness

Mike Marzo, Sophie and Bailey —Carol Hawkins
Don & Gwen Arthur and the Limited Edition Girls —Barbara Kinnison, Murhpy and Edgar
Venda Schmid —Lisa Wittner
Beverly Biglin and Annie —Darlene Leech
Ann McKee —David Lincicome
Linda Haskell —Grace Kaye, Misti and Tasha
Jacki Stein —Cathy Bower
Sonja Cline, Shannon and Clancy —Jana Carraway
Kelly Sinnott, Bailey and Oslo —Nancy Margand
Judy Stork-Kittleman, Maddy and Truman —Maureen Brinkers and Molly
Jeanene Smith and Frazier —Linda and Ross Morgan and Andy
Hope Lund and Molly —Ann Warren
Roberta Hoffman and Peter Bennemann and Grainne —Pam Jurga
Amy Tronolone —Maria Flanagan
Louis Wolf and the dog named Blue —Joan Cangelosi and Molly
Elena Zweifach and Dylan —Kate Filer and Duffy
Marsha Moore, Maggie and Fletcher —Dianne Phelps
Lori Agnoli and Farley —Pam Allen and Molly
Dee Robbins and the Robbins Crest Gang —Patricia Araniecke
Tina Thomas —Melissa and Steve Nelson, Molly and Snickers
Shirley Gee and Bella Mia —Bobbi Baird, Patsy and Marley
Rob Horgan, Siobhan and Rory —Jean Kuhn and Zoe
Joyce Lovett and Patrick —Karen Berton and Bowser
Jane Malone —Mary Brown
Jennifer Martin —Gail Kanas
Pat Simrell and Sparky —Holly Craig, Casey, Reilly and Libby
Connie Lipset, Teddy and Lila —Kris McDowell and Wheatley
Donna Lilly —Kirsten Shultz and Jefferson
Vicki Duncanson —Michael Jones
Kristen LaCroix —Miranda Hapgood
Betsy Geerston —Ken Gengler
Carolyn Kimball —Sandra Lightner
Janice Wilcox —Vera Belling
Potomac Soap Company —Carol Brown and Vesper