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Friends of WIN 2002 Donations



Terri Tingen —Adoption of Tara
Connie Lipset & Canine Cravats —Friends of Wheatens
Patricia Araniecke —Holiday Donation in Memory of Wheatie
Shirley Gee & Bella Mia —Donation Honoring MACH Cubby CD, first SCWT to achieve the coveted MACH agility title. Cubby is owned by Andrew & Lisa Sponsler
Maureen Brinkers —Monthly Donation in gratitude for Molly
Ann McCormick —Donation from Bandana Sales
Dana Shelton —Adoption of Oliver
John Greaner —Adoption of Cali
Andy, Jana & Hilly Rubenstein —For those Wheatens not as fortunate as Hilly
Randy & Sandi Gross —In Memory of Bailey
Stephen Brown (Shirley's Boss) —Christmas Gift to Bella Mia (I have enough toys)
Gene & Judy Smith —Annual Contribution in Honor of Casey and in Memory to Ted
Kevin & Amy Kehner —Holiday Donation for Oskar
Jocelyn Slatin & Jamboree Kennels —Holiday Donation
Oscar & Bobbi Baird —Marley sends a Holiday Donation for all the needy Wheatens
Ann Dexheimer & Mally —Friend of Wheatens
Louise Gross (Rolling N Dough) —Holiday Donation from Coco and Mikey
Debra Frank —Friend of Wheatens
Maureen Brinkers —January Donation in Gratitude for Molly
Helen Vasko —Adoption of Murphy
Amanda Hyde —Adoption of Beau
Canine Cravats (Connie Lipset) —Friends of Wheatens putting their best foot forward
Norma Loftus —Proceeds from WIN T-shirts
Norma Loftus —Friend of Wheatens
Maureen Brinkers —February Donation in gratitude for Molly
Barb Peterson —Friend of Wheatens
Gwen Collard —On behalf of Kristen Williams of Wheatn'brook Kennels
Louise Gross, Melissa Nelson, Hope Wilson, Bobbi Herd and South Florida Petnic Fundraiser —Friends of Wheatens
Maureen Brinkers —March Donation in gratitude for Molly
Pamela Larson-Allen —In Memory of Riley
Linda Haskell —WWB Donation
Ellen Haber —WWB Donation
Barb Peterson —WWB Donation
Amy Kehner —WWB Donation
Pamela Larson-Allen —WWB Donation
Jackie Woody —WWB Donation
Ann McCormick —WWB Donation
Connie Lipset —WWB Donation
Ariane Comstock —WWB Donation
Roberta Hoffman and Peter Benneman —WWB Donation
Christy Weagant —WWB Donation
Darlene Leech —WWB Donation
Maria Flanagan —WWB Donation
Gail Kanas —WWB Donation
Barry Thall —WWB Donation
Melissa Nelson —WWB Donation
Kelly Sinnott —WWB Donation
Jana Carraway —WWB Donation
Pat Aranicke —WWB Donation
Ann Warren —WWB Donation
Eileen Fugelseth —WWB Donation
Ann McCormick —WWB Donation
Jean Kuhn —WWB Donation
Pat Simrell —WWB Donation
Kris McDowell —WWB Donation
Barbara Kinnison —WWB Donation
Karen DeVolpi —WWB Donation
Jan Griffith —WWB Donation
Ann McKee —WWB Donation
Dianne Lindsey —WWB Donation
Lois Wolf —WWB Donation
Roberta Hoffman —WWB Donation
Lynn Ishak —WWB Donation
Kathryn Filer —WIN Friend
Cathy Johnson —WIN Friend
Ellen Appel —In Honor of Mickey
The Hunt Family —Adoption of Beau
The Steffensmeier Family —Adoption of Asher (Murphy)
Maureen Brinkers —May Donation in gratitude for Molly
Kate Filer —WIN Friend
Melissa Nelson —In memory of Fozzie Bear - R.B. 9/18/01
Ardith Eamer —WWB Donation
Norma Loftus —Wedding Gift
Connie Lipset —Wedding Gift
Hope Lund —WWB Donation
Vera Belling —WWB Donation
Ellen Dollar —WWB Donation
Mike Jones —WWB Donation
Harry & Nadine Rockwood —Adoption of Baxter
The Miller Family —Adoption of Clifford aka Benji
The Hiller Family —Adoption of Barley aka Duffy
Steven & Jana Schmidt —Adoption of Scrappy
Debbie McKelvey —Adoption of Murphy aka Woodrow
Jaime Miller —Adoption of Ginger aka Shiloh
Jean Kuhn —Donation of foster care for Sturgis/Murphy aka Asher
Tara Smith Ewald —Adoption of Chip
Bridget Thomas & Elvis —WWB Donation
Joyce Lovett —In Honor of Patrick
Weidlein Family —Friends of Wheatens
Betty Faust —Friend of Wheatens
Gaesser Family —Adoption of Dolly
Durkin Family —Adoption of Daisy
Kate Filer —WIN Friend - June Donation
Rob Horgan —In honor of Daisy & Toby (fosters)
John Gross Family —Adoption of Bob
Kate Filer —WIN Friend - July Donation
Cuddihy Family —Friends of Wheatens
Madonna Hendrick —In Memory of Talley
Pat Simrell —Celebrating Sparky's 4th Anniversary
Maureen Brinkers —In Gratitude for Molly - June
Maureen Brinkers —In Gratitude for Molly - July
Maureen Brinkers —In Gratitude for Molly - August
Marion Ovitt —Adoption of Rudy
The Dragos Family —Adoption of Toby
The Hirsh Family —Adoption of Beau
Toni Vincent —Friend of Wheatens
Maureen Brinkers —In Gratitude for Molly - September
Owens Family —Adoption of Chloe
Suzanne Corkin —Adoption of Sandy
Michelle Strathman —Friend of Wheatens
Madelyn St. Marie-Sei —Adoption of Max
Nancy Margand —Friend of Wheatens
Lobban Family —Adoption of Roscoe
Carolyn Cohagan —Adoption of Rex
Cathy & Duke Johnson along with Bailey and Rowdy —For Wheatens not so fortunate
Gerald & Agnes Marvin —Adoption of Bogart
Kate Irish Filer —Friend of Wheatens
Amy & Kevin Kehner —On behalf of Cecil's WURL`
Maria Flanagan —In Honor of Pat Simrell & Sparky (WIN Rescue Person of the Year for 2002)
Patricia Gentry —Adoption of Murphy
Norma Loftus —Proceeds from sale of T-shirts
Maureen Brinkers —In Gratitude for Molly - October Donation
Venda Schmid —Friend of Wheatens
Chris Baran —Friend of Jackson, In Memory of Beloved "Jack"
Paty & Sparky Simrell —Friend of Jackson
Kelly Sinnott & Mike Rolley —Adoption of Oslo
Cynthia Kellogg and Donna Marie Robinson —Adoption of Riley
Beth Hunter —Holiday Donation
Don & Gwen Arthur —In memory of Louise Gross's Coco
Don & Gwen Arthur —In memory of Tom & Betty Prentiss's Meshach who fought a good fight!
The McMillin Family —In honor of Sophie
The Diffenbeck Family —Holiday Donation
Roberta Hoffman —In Honor of Grainne's 3rd birthday
Susan Williams Denny —Holiday Donation in honor of Chloe (past foster) and all of the wonderful WIN Volunteers
Linda Trettel —Adoption of Cecil
Bobbi Baird —Holiday Donation
Linda Trettel —Adoption of Cecil
John Graney —Adoption of Jackson
Mark & Jean Menard —Holiday Donation
Shirley Gee & Bella Mia —Holiday Donation
Gail Kanas —Holiday Donation
Maureen Brinkers —November Donation
Maureen Brinkers —Holiday Donation
Paul & Suzie Bazelides —Holiday Donation in honor of Tadhg
Pat Drenowatz —Adoption of Sophie
Holly Craig, Casey, Reilly and Libby —Holiday Donation
Linda Henaghan —Adoption of Dolly
Lisa Wittner —Holiday Donation in Honor of Guinness deVolpi
Gene & Judy Smith —Holiday Donation in Memory of Ted and in Honor of Casey
Donna Marie Robinson & Cynthia Kellogg —Holiday Donation in Honor of Riley (WIN Rescue boy)
Renee & Boris Kalandar —Adoption of Sandy
Don & Gwen Arthur —In Memory of Casey Eamer (WWB Leader)
Janie Groff —Birthday Donation
Janie Groff —Holiday Donation
Maureen Holmes Lent —Holiday Donation to help other Wheatens to have a second chance like Bailey
Pat Brogan —Adoption of Phoebe
Nancy Land —Holiday Donation
Sharon Fisher —Holiday Donation in Honor of Dad's dog, Marley who is now a rehomed WIN dog
Brett & Bev Hall —Adoption of Marley (a 10 yr old gentleman)
Pat Simrell and Sparky —For the Love of Harley/Charlie (WIN problem child that gave us all grey hair)
Holly Craig, Casey, Reilly and Libby —For the Love of Harley/Charlie
Christy Weagant and all who purchased the Wheaten Cookbook —A very generous and much appreciated donation

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