Friends of WIN 2001 Donations



Sandi Gross —Friend of Wheatens
William & Mary Warren — In Honor of Player
Betty Chapman & Beth Verner (Caraway Wheatens) —In Honor of Player
Connie & Mark Lipset —In Memory of Freeway (always in our hearts, never forgotten)
Connie & Mark Lipset —Adoption of Lila
Bart & Joanna Reed —Adoption of Wally
Maureen Brinkers (February) —In Gratitude for Molly
Maureen Brinkers (March) —In Gratitude for Molly
Holly Craig —Donation of foster expenses for Snuffy
Holly & Reilly —Sharing with the not so lucky Wheatens
Darlene DeHart —Adoption of Bailey
Steve Hinkle & Patty Shlonsky —In Memory of Stockton & In Gratitude for Reilly
Todd & Christy Weagant — Friends of Wheatens
Alex Weagant & Zander — For all boys & their dogs!
Maureen & David McCormick & Sullivan (his favorite cat) —In Memory of Tully
Ray Beers —Adoption of Guilda
The Bartorelli Family —Adoption of Max
Marilyn Jeffery —For the love of Barney
The Taslimi Family —In the Name of our Dear Fidele
Robert & Martha Wisenauer —Adoption of Snuffy
Animal Eye Associates Dr. Vainese & Dr. Schmidt —In Memory of Dee Robbins’ Father
Kate Filer —Friend of Wheatens
Gannett Foundation, Inc. —Friends of Wheatens
Pat Simrell & Sparky—In memory of Muffy, Ken & Karen Wood’s lop-eared rabbit
Elaine & Gerald Allen —Adoption of Lady & In Memory of Maggie (who died from zincpoisoning after swallowing the squeaker from a “Wiggly Giggly Ball”)
Jean Kuhn —In Honor of Maggie – ownedby Elaine & Gerald Allen
Don & Gwen Arthur —In Memory of Joyce Rienzo’s Sister
Don & Gwen Arthur —In Memory of Dee Robbin’s Father
Don & Gwen Arthur —In Memory of Bonnie O’Connor’s “Lilah”
Don & Gwen Arthur —In Memory of Muffy Ken & Karen’s Bunny
Don & Gwen Arthur —In Memory of Bandit (the first rescue Wheaten we fostered & placed)
Bobbi Baird —In Honor of Marley’s 1st. year anniversary with us.
Marjoleine Kars —Adoption of Barney
LindaRobison —In Memory of Mr.Keebler & In Honor of Harrigan
Brian & Sherri Kobylinski —Adoption of Clancy
Duke & Cathy Johnson —Care of Tegan
Maureen Brinkers —April Donation In Gratitude For Molly
Employees of Information Technology Services of The Library of Congress —In Recognition of Deputy Director, Judy Stork (because of her participation and devotion to WIN, we know her wishes are for WIN to share in her parting gift)
Marc Goldberg —Adoption of Max
Joyce Wagstaff —In Memory of Anne O’Grady Fisher’s sister Rosemary O’Grady Cigainers
Michael & Christine Adams & Willow —In Memory of Bailey, Beloved Wheaten of Sandi & Randy Gross
Ray & Maureen Taylor —Adoption of Skeeter
Denise Flannery —Adoption of Chelsea
Laura Blaser —Adoption of Grover
Thune Family —Adoption of Ellie
Bobbie Baird, Patsy & Marley —In Honor of Blue Boy
Darlene Leech & Farley —Blue Boy WURL
Joyce Lovett & Patrick —Blue Boy WURL
Jean Kuhn, Sandy & Zoe —Blue Boy WURL
Louise Gross —Blue Boy WURL
Melissa Nelson —Blue Boy WURL
Barb Peterson —Blue Boy WURL
Sandy & Robert Ross —Blue Boy WURL
Robert & Joyce Berman & Bailey —Blue Boy WURL
Dianne Phelps, Judy Yaw & Ceili —Blue Boy WURL
Gail Kanas & Barney —Blue Boy WURL
Holly, Casey & Reilly —Blue Boy WURL
Connie Lipset —Blue Boy WURL
Lisa Wittner —Blue Boy WURL
Sandra Lightner & Annabelle —Blue Boy WURL
Amy Kehner —Blue Boy WURL
Malinda Skelton & Meaghan —Blue Boy WURL
Dr. David Linicome & Frogmoor Wheatens —Blue Boy WURL
Ann McCormick —Blue Boy WURL
Barbara Kinnison —In Honor of Murphy & Edgrr
Maureen Brinkers & Molly —August Donation
Pat Simrell & Sparky —In celebration of Sparky's 3rd anniversary of his adoption
Petnic (Toni Vincent & Jana Carraway) —Blue Boy WURL
Linda & Don Myers —In Memory of Morgan
Pat Simrell —For Killian whose story saddened my heart.
For Blue Boy whose journey brightened my day
Bonnie O'Connor —Blue Boy WURL
Roger & Sandra Souchon & Murphy —Blue Boy WURL
Linda Lenck & The Dixie Chick —Blue Boy WURL
Ellen & Yehuda Haber —Blue Boy WURL
Hope, Jay & Mollie Rose Wilson —Blue Boy WURL
Robert Horgan —Blue Boy WURL
June Tsai —Blue Boy WURL
Sue Benso & Piper —Blue Boy WURL
Don & Gwen Arthur —NY 19
Shirley Gee —Blue Boy WURL
Kim Roderick & Ginger —Blue Boy WURL
Beth Heckermann —NY 19
Don & Ellen Dollar —In Memory of Molly
Kelly Sinnott & Bailey —Blue Boy and all WURLS
Linda Lenck & Dixie Chick —NY 19
Jacky Woody, Woody and Benny —Girls Auction
Reilly and Casey Craig —Girls Auction
Vera Belling and Presley —Girls Auction
Christy Weagant and Zander —Girls Auction
Gin Dunbar, T.J. and Boover —Girls Auction
Bobbi Baird and Marley —Girls Auction
Melissa Nelson and Fozzie —Girls Auction
Edith Bovers and Tommy —Girls Auction
Carl McGill —Girls Auction
Linda Lenck and Dixie Chick —Girls Auction
Wendy & Joe Capri and Alfryd —Girls Auction
Stephanie Mastorakis and Ollie —Girls Auction
Walter & Sara Beth Watson —Girls Auction
Reilly Craig —Girls Auction
Ardith & Robert Eamer and Casey —Girls Auction
Reilly Craig —Girls Auction
Jeanene Smith and Frazier —Girls Auction
Barb & Joel Kinnison and Edgrr —Girls Auction
Pat Simrell and Sparky —Girls Auction
Casey Craig —Girls Auction
Reilly Craig —Girls Auction
Irene Labombarde and Duffy —Girls Auction
Irene Labombarde and Duffy again! —Girls Auction
Melissa Nelson and Snickers —Girls Auction
Christy & Todd Weagant and Zander again! —Girls Auction
Linda Lenck and Dixie Chick again! —Girls Auction
Jana Carraway and Kieffer —Girls Auction
Toni Vincent and Odie —Girls Auction
Pat Simrell and Sparkdy again! —Girls Auction
Barry Thall and Mugi —Girls Auction
Linda Lenck and Dixie Chick again! —Girls Auction
Linda Lenck and Dixie Chick again!! —Girls Auction
Tom Sander —Girls Auction
Reilly Craig —Girls Auction
Casey Craig —Girls Auction
Audrey Plowes and Liam —Girls Auction
Hope and Jay Wilson —Girls Auction
Linda Lenck and Dixie Chick again!!! —Girls Auction
Rob Horan, Siobhan and Rory —WIN Donation
Adrian Bedrich —WIN Donation
Linda Haskell —WIN Donation
Kate Filer —Friend of Wheatens
Ginny Dunbar, T.J. and Boover —Friend of Wheatens
Rob Horgan, Siobhan and Rory —WIN Donation
Ellen Redman, Una & Tuppence —NY 19
Lisa Wittner —NY 19
Mary Peltier & Marymore Wheatens —NY 19
Doug & Kimberly Stickney —NY 19
Ann McCormick and McDuffie —NY 19
Kirsten Schultz & Leigh Robinson —In memory of Cleburne
Allison Boussidan & Austin —NY 19
Gary Koren —NY 19
Mike and Dee Dee Jones —In Honor of Bailey and Cooper
Joan Cangelosi —In Honor of Molly
Pat Simrell —Sparky's Challenge
Bonnie O'Connor —NY 19
Tom & Paula Kendrick —In Honor of our 2nd anniversary with Lexi
Lauren Reynolds —Adoption of Jessie
Mary Lou & Larry Monahan —Friends of Wheatens
Pam Allen —NY 19
Carol and Walter Hawkins —NY 19
Wendy Ward —Adoption of Muddy
Darlene Leech —Friend of Wheatens
Kate Filer —Friend of Wheatens
Valorie Tresner —Friend of Wheatens
The Flannery Family —Adoption of Nicky
Robert and Pamela Dowen —Friends of Wheatens
Holly Craig —In Honor of Jefferson
Holly Million —Wheaten 2001 Challenge
Maureen Brinkers —Sept & Oct donation in Honor of Molly
Victoria Kniering and Clancy —Friend of Wheatens
The Doug Flannery Family —Adoption of Buddy
The Denise Flannery Family —Adoption of Chelsea
Lois Wolf —Adoption of Blue Boy
Tina Thomas —Adoption of Buck
The LeCates Family —Adoption of Buster
Patricia Araniecke —In Memory of Wheatie
Nancy Margand —In Honor of Thatch, Gambol & Shandy
The Rappaport Family —Adoption of Boulder
Richard Diefenbeck & Christine Davidson —Friends of Wheatens
Ann Dexheimer & Molly —Friends of Wheatens
Maureen Brinkers —November Donation from Molly
Kirsten Schultz & Leigh Robinson —Adoption of Jefferson
Jana Carraway —Holiday Donation
Nicole Lee —Adoption of Maggie
Marla Magness —For the love of Thomas
Pam Pearson —Adoption of Houdini
The Konopka Family —Adoption of Blarney
Nancy Land —In Honor of her WIN fosters
Maureen Brinkers —December Donation from Molly
The James Congdon Family —Adoption of KC
Dr. Eugene Sheedy Family —Adoption of Seamus
Shirley and Bella Mia Gee —Holiday Donation
Don & Gwen Arthur —In Memory of our Ch. Bantry Bay Tahiti (Ty)
Don & Gwen Arthur —In Memory of Beth Verner & Betty Chapman's Denim
Holly & Reilly Craig —Holiday Donation
Tara & Mark Levy —Holiday Donation
Bud Houston's Dogwood Agility Camp in Ohio —Friend of Wheatens
Betsy Geertson —Donation for negative thoughts while at Dogwood Camp J
Andi Curtiss —Donation for negative thoughts while at Dogwood Camp J