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Friends of WIN 2000 Donations



Kate Filer —Friend of Wheatens
Daniel Guthrie —Friend of Wheatens
Steve & Melissa Nelson —Friends of Wheatens
Linda & Don Myers —In Honor of Virginia E. Washburn, M.D. & in Memory of Betty Jean Haire
Robert & Theresa Smith —Adoption of Bucky
Pat Shaffer —Adoption of Herbie
Shirley Gee —In memory of *Clover*
Tom & Karen Stern —Friends of Wheatens
Kate Irish Filer —Friend of Wheatens
Jill Kerr & Richard Stopa —In Gratitude for Fasha
Pat Gubbe —In Honor of Molly & Quincy
Maureen Brinkers — In Gratitude for Molly
Barb & Joel Kinnison —In Honor of Murphy & Edgar
Scott Curtis —Friend of Wheatens
Thomas Chance — Friend of Wheatens
Ed & Sheila Teichreb — Friend of Wheatens
Melissa Tegge —In Gratitude for BJ Bailey
Elizabeth Preston —Adoption of Madeline
Doreen Heller —Friend of Wheatens
Richard Diefenbeck —Friend of Wheatens
Sandy & Randy Gross —Friends of Wheatens
Lisa Zarrow —Friend of Wheatens
(monthly contributor)Maureen Brinkers —Friend of Wheatens
(monthly contributor) Kate Filer —Friend of Wheatens
Camp Gone to the Dogs —Suggested by Shirley & Bella Mia Gee
Jana Carraway —Lost bet with Anna Margolino on NBA playoffs
Guy Hagner-Friend of Wheatens —Friend of Wheatens
Dr. Robert Pax —Adoption of Hobie
Joseph M. Ragan —Friend of Wheatens
Pat Simrell & Sparky —To Celebrate Sparky's 2nd. Anniversary with Pat
Barry Thall & Mugi —To Celebrate Mugi's Hollywood Career
Richard Kaselow & John Dunn —Adoption of Sarah & Austin
Gail Kelleher —Adoption of Jessie
Angie Whitham —Adoption of Leo
Matt & Anne Cowan —Adoption of Dutch
Wanda MacQueen —Adoption of Buddy
Angela Eldridge —Adoption of Marco
Gillian Lester-George —Adoption of McGuire
Marlene Shoeman & Robert Clink —Adoption of Bailey (AKA Tucker)
Esther Kacso —Adoption of Jessie II
Suzanne Walsh —Adoption of Benny
Bill & Sue Dixon —Adoption of Toby
Sophie Liquori —Adoption of Baxter
Suzanne Post —Adoption of Sophie & Connor
Beverly McEroy —Adoption of Cuddles
Janie & Christopher Nordstrom Griffiths —Adoption of Louie
Dick & Marry Beadle —Adoption of Lexi
Bob & Terri Smith —In Gratitude for Bucky
Maggie Granados —Adoption of Rudi (13 years old)
Carol Carlson —Friends of Wheatens
Harriet & David Slater —Friends of Wheatens
Timothy & Lisa Shields —Friends of Wheatens
Linda Burkhardt —Friends of Wheatens
Hope Wilson —Friends of Wheatens
Ellen Blumenthal —Friends of Wheatens
Steve & Melissa Nelson —Friends of Wheatens
Louise Gross —In Gratitude for Coco and Mikey
Lisa Wittner & Jack Schwartz —Friends of Wheatens
Antoinette Lee —In Gratitude for Kayleigh
Dr. Pax & Constance Batalis —Adoption of Toby (sister for Hobie)
Dorothy Hurley —Friends of Wheatens
Max & June Bluntschli —Adoption of Sandy
Pam Peckham —Friends of Wheatens
Dr. David Lincicome —Friends of Wheatens
Richard Hollander —Friend of Wheatens
Jean Kuhn —In Honor of Suzanne Robles
Shirley Gee —Holiday Donation from Bella
Maureen Brinkers — In Gratitude for Molly
Martin & Jacquelyn Sayne —Adoption of Dale
Raul Riveros —Adoption of Nicky
Dee Robbins —Iin Memory of Stella Smith, Mother of Susan Ostrander
Judy Stork Kittleman —Friend of Wheatens
Nancy Margand —In Honor of Fostering Mr. Gambol
Charlene McCloskey —Friend of Wheatens
Holly Craig —In Honor of Fostering Buddy (now Guinness)
Carol Hawkins —Friend of Wheatens
Norma Loftus —Holiday Donation
Darlene Leech —Holiday Donation
Jocelyn Slatin —Holiday Donation
Tiffany Spahn —Christmas Donation for Linda Ruedy
Maureen Brinkers —Holiday Donation from Molly
Mike & Jocelyn Marzo —2000 Foster Family
Don & Gwen Arthur —In Honor of All the "2000" WIN Wheatens
Ellyn McCue —Holiday Donation
Maureen Brinkers —Holiday Donation
RollingNDough-Louise Gross —Donation from Cookies
Gene & Judy Smith —In Gratitude for Casey and In Memory of Ted
Joe & Judy Howard —Toby Adoption
Kelly Sinnott —In Honor of Bailey
Tom & Betty Prentiss —Holiday Donation from Molly & Meshach

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