Friends of WIN 1999 Donations



Shirley Gee —In Memory of Sparky (rescued Wheaten)
Betsy & Marc Joseph —In Memory of Spider
Robert Gleadall —Adoption of Alex
Gene & Judy Smith —In Honor of Casey & In Memory of Ted
Joseph & Kate Irish Flier —Very Good Friends of Wheatens
Dr. Howard & Marsha Shaffer —In Honor of Casey & Cooper (both rescues)
Marilyn Starck —Friend of Wheatens
Eugene Smith —Friend of Wheatens
Jeanne Cox —Friend of Wheatens
Dr. Kirk Smith —Friend of Wheatens
Dr. Dawn Gouge —Friend of Wheatens
Manners N’More Dog Training School-Betsy Geertson —Friend of Wheatens
Anna Renee Smith —Friend of Wheatens
Darlene Leech —In Honor of Farley
Dee Josephson —In Honor of Maggie & Louie (both rescues)
Ilan Yerushalmi —In Honor of Benni
Marcie Elsworth —Adoption of Bennigan
Harrison P. Smith Jr. Family —Adoption of Pal
Glenn & Roberta Martin —Adoption of Woody
Michael Mitchell —Adoption of Divot
Glenda & Ed Thacker —Adoption of Murphy
James Mansfield —Adoption of Dude
Joanne Werth —Adoption of Steve
Mark & Sarah McGrath —Adoption of Riley
Janetta Killen —Adoption of Sissy
Sharon Chang —Adoption of Peter
Judith Mulvaney —Adoption of Riley
Michael Mert —Adoption of Wheatie
Rosalind Black —Adoption of Emily
Bonnie Neuleib —Adoption of Cody
Ray Craven —Adoption of Sarah
Susan Morris —Adoption of Walter
Diane Wattenbarger —Adoption of Lucy
Dixon & Suzanne Montague —Adoption of Maggie
Kristen Stralo —Adoption of Auggie Doggy
Janet Tennihan —Adoption of Bridgett
Tina Ianni —Adoption of Razzi
Joan & Bill Webb —In Memory of CH Webspinn's You Betcher Boots
Beth Heckermann — Ch Hexacres Andover Dr. Who
Ch. Hexacres April Sunshine
Ch. Hexacres April Honey Bear
Barb Smith — Friend of Wheatens
Linda & Don Meyers — Friends of Wheatens
Nancy-Kelly Wise — In Honor of their adopted Wheaten
Tina Thomas — Donated foster care expenses for Bennigann
Mike & Jocelyn Marzo — Donated foster care expenses for Riley & Spider
Nancy Margand — Donated foster care expenses for Oso
Carol Taylor — Friend of Wheatens
Randy Jones DVM — Friend of Wheatens
Darlene Leech — In Memory of Siobhan 1980-1995
Robert & Barbara Hurwitz — Adoption of Bailey
Jim Kimmery — Adoption of Wheat
Arlene Hettig — Friend of Wheatens
Jocelyn Slatin — Friend of Wheatens
Shirley Gee — Friend of Wheatens (Again!)
Laura Slaughter — Adoption of Domino
Dr. David Lincicome — Friend of Wheatens
Randall & Sandra Gross — Friends of Wheatens
Milione Family — Adoption of Bernie
Sandra Stuck — Adoption of Kayla
Pamela Lauzau — Adoption of Maggie
Judith Mauer — Adoption of Mattie
Gail Flaig — Adoption of Arkansas Bailey
Brig & Dr. Jim Elwell — Adoption of Casper
Nancy & Gilbert Sheldon — Friends of Wheatens
Nancy Margand —Friends of Wheatens
Donna & Mike Laubscher —Friends of Wheatens
William and Marrie Lightner —Friends of Wheatens
Shirley Gee —In Memory of Dee Robin's beloved Cubby
Gwen & Don Arthur —In Memory of Dee Robin's beloved Cubby
Gail Flaig —In Honor of Bailey and Forest
Robert Shaw Family —Friends of Wheatens
Jill Kerr & Richard Stopa —Adoption of Lucy
Pat Simrell —In Honor of Sparky's First Anniversary with Pat
Melissa Nelson —In Memory of Buster Brown Bear 3/15/99
Betty Faust —In Loving Memory of Kelly
Katie Flier —Friend of Wheatens
Don & Gwen Arthur —In Memory of Betty Faust's Kelly
Don & Gwen Arthur —In Memory of *96* rescue Wheaten Andy & In
Gratitude to The Burling Family
Don & Gwen Arthur —In Memory of *96* rescue Wheaten Duncan & In
Gratitude to The Berry Family
Nancy Ferraro —Adoption of Rusty
Shirley Gee —Celebrating Bella Mia!! Thanks to Arlene Hettig!
Melissa & Jeffrey Rachlinski —Friends of Wheatens
Camilla Borisch —Adoption of Josh
Mort & Susan Hoffman —Adoption of Dallas
Melissa Tegge —Adoption of BJ Bailey
Laurie Campbell —To Sammy's Future ...
Vonnie Gardner —Adoption of Roxie
The Kendrick Family —Adoption of Lexie
The Stork Family —Judy's "99" Christmas Gift
Steve & Melissa Nelson —Holiday Donation
Laurie Sammeth Campbell —In Honor or Jocelyn & Mike Marzo
Nancy Land —Friend of Wheatens
Kate Irish Filer —Friend of Wheatens
Shirley & Bella Mia —Holiday Donation
The Pinter Family —Adoption of Rosie
Nancy Margand —For the Love of Shandy
Mike & Jocelyn Marzo —For ongoing foster care and training of rescues
Tina Thomas —In Memory of Patty & Blarney (victims of PLN)
Lee & Willard Fallon & Wheatens(Bill & Wally) —Wheatens Lovers for Life
Gene & Judy Smith —In Honor of Casey & In Memory of Ted
Vanessa Olenick —Friend of Wheatens
Jocelyn Slatin, Jamboree Kennels —Friends of Wheatens
Linda Pulvermacher —In Memory of Kaylie
Kate Filer —Friend of Wheatens
Maureen Brinkers —In Memory of Oliver T Wheaten; In Gratitude for Molly
Linda Hough —For re-homing Stanley