Delaney's (and Finnegan's!) Story



2006 was a year of great sadness and happiness in the Gannon household. During the summer, we lost our beloved female wheaten, Willoby, to PLE. She was only 2 ½ years old, and losing her at that young age was the last thing we expected. We were heartbroken when Willoby died, but it wasn’t long before we began looking for another wheaten to share our home and hearts with.


Our first stroke of luck came when we adopted Finnegan, an 18-month old male wheaten mix. Finnegan had been abandoned in southern Virginia and left to fend for himself – a sad situation that occurs all too frequently. He did not come to us through WIN, but another rescue organization based in Maryland. In no time at all, he won our hearts and a new love story began. Within a month of adopting Finnegan, we knew he would need a companion, since he was such a sociable boy. We submitted our application to WIN, and shortly thereafter, received a call about a sweet girl who was being fostered in Chicago.


Many devoted WIN volunteers gave up their weekends to help transport our sweet Delaney to Maryland, thus expanding the Gannon family once again. Delaney, an 18-month old female wheaten, has become Finnegan’s constant companion and best friend. It took about 10 seconds for us to fall in love with her too. Finnegan and Delaney are the happiest, most loving dogs ever.


We can’t imagine what life would be like without them. We think that the love we share with them is a fine and lasting tribute to our first wheaten girl, Willoby, and we know that she would approve.


P.S. After being the beneficiaries of the wonderful WIN volunteers who “wurled” Delaney to us from Chicago, we too became WIN volunteers. Two days after adopting Delaney, we rescued an older wheaten girl, “Lucy,” from a Maryland animal shelter. Lucy is gaining strength and confidence every day, and we hope that she will find her forever home in 2007. But until she does, she will have a place in our home, family and hearts.