This poor little guy  was found wandering the streets of Brooklyn; skinny scared, and alone.  After an unsuccessful search for his owners, he was turned over to WIN and was fostered by Bonnie G.  She named him Max, and he became affectionately known as "NYC Max".


From then on, his life got much better!  A new home was found for him in NC, so he embarked on a WURL to Raleigh.  He spent a few weeks in foster with his WIN buddy, Abbie, and then moved in to his new house with his new mom and dad.  They renamed him Chewie, and provided him with all the food, love, and attention he needed and a lovely fenced in back yard! No more wandering the streets for him!


As the years passed, he got a new dog sister, Leia, and even a new human sister!  He is a big, handsome, sweet lunk of a Wheaten and one very loved guy!


The second picture is him in June of 2014 when he was staying with his old foster sister.  We love you, Chewie-man!! :)