Charity's Story


Charity came to WIN from a puppy mill that surrendered her because of a very bad heart murmur. After an urgent WURL to Gwen in Houston, it was discovered that Charity had pulmonic stenosis. It was thought that Charity must have surgery in order to survive. The vets at Texas A&M agreed to operate, but said that Charity would have a better chance of surviving the surgery if she was a bit older and gained some weight. At 8 weeks she only weighed 4.1 pounds! So Charity went back to Gwen’s to gain some weight. When Gwen’s Tully and Brogan had puppies, Jan Garish fostered Charity. Then when Jan got her puppy from Tully’s litter, Charity came back to Gwen’s house. She was happy no matter where she was being fostered.


On October 25, Charity (now weighing 20 pounds and being 20 weeks old) went back to Texas A&M Small Animal Clinic in Bryan College Station for a re-check and possible surgery. Gwen had a dream the night before that Charity went to A & M and then did not need the surgery. Well her dream came true!!! The vets at Texas A & M kept Charity for 2 1/2 hours and did another echo on her. She was so good that they did not have to give her anesthesia. The results were that Charity's heart murmur was downgraded to "moderate" and they did not feel surgery was necessary!! They want to do another echo when she is full grown and said that we can spay her in December.


So Charity started looking for her “forever” home. After having several People over to visit, we finally decided on a wonderful home with a stay at home Mom and a precious 5 year old girl named Gracie. They live close to Gwen, so will continue to use the same vet clinic.
Thanks for all of the prayers---that's what did it!! :-)